SAS Integration Technologies Client 9.31_M1 (SASspk.dll) Stack-based Overflow

SAS Integration Technologies provides you with software that enables you to build a secure client/server infrastructure on which to implement SAS distributed processing solutions. With SAS Integration Technologies, you can integrate SAS with other applications in your enterprise; provide proactive delivery of information from SAS throughout the enterprise; extend the capabilities of SAS to meet your organization’s specific needs; and develop your own distributed applications that leverage the analytic and reporting powers of SAS. The SAS Deployment Manager is used for post-installation configuration tasks such as configuring some products, applying hot fixes, updating metadata, and uninstalling SAS software.

The SASspk module (SASspk.dll) version 9.310.0.11307, has a function called ‘RetrieveBinaryFile()’ which has one parameter called ‘bstrFileName’ which takes arguments as strings as defined in the function itself as ISPKBinaryFile from the SASPackageRetrieve library. Stack-based buffer overflow was discovered in one of the fuzzing processes that could allow arbitrary code execution by an attacker when exploiting the non-sanitized ‘bstrFileName’ parameter.

SAS Stack-based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability


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