Multiple vulnerabilities in multiple web applications

ZSL-2012-5097SiNG cms 2.9.0 (email) Remote XSS POST Injection Vulnerability
ZSL-2012-5098web@all CMS 2.0 Multiple Remote XSS Vulnerabilities
ZSL-2012-5099web@all CMS 2.0 (_order) SQL Injection Vulnerability
ZSL-2012-5100KindEditor 4.1.2 (name parameter) Reflected XSS Vulnerability
ZSL-2012-5101Monstra 1.2.1 Multiple HTML Injection Vulnerabilities
ZSL-2012-5102xt:Commerce v4.0.15 (products_name_de) Script Insertion Vulnerability

The applications suffer from multiple stored and reflected XSS vulnerabilities including an SQL Injection.

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