Multiple Products Multiple Vulnerabilities

iGallery, iManager and iBrowser plugins for WYSIWYG editors like tinyMCE, SPAW, htmlAREA, Xinha and FCKeditor suffers from multiple vulnerabilities including: Reflected (Non-Persistent) Cross-Site Scripting, Local File Inclusion, File Disclosure, Arbitrary Deletion.

The iManager plugin has 3 different parameters which can trigger the mentioned above vulnerabilities. ‘d’, ‘lang’ and ‘dir’. iBrowser and iGallery use the same scripts and parameters for corresponding issues. ‘dir’ and ‘lang’. Advisories bellow:

ZSL-2011-5046iGallery Plugin v1.0.0 (dir) Remote Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
ZSL-2011-5045iManager Plugin v1.2.8 (dir) Remote Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
ZSL-2011-5044iBrowser Plugin v1.4.1 (dir) Remote Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
ZSL-2011-5043iManager Plugin v1.2.8 (d) Remote Arbitrary File Deletion Vulnerability
ZSL-2011-5042iManager Plugin v1.2.8 (lang) Local File Inclusion Vulnerability
ZSL-2011-5041iBrowser Plugin v1.4.1 (lang) Local File Inclusion Vulnerability

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