Native Instruments Multiple Products Multiple Vulnerabilities

Zero Science Lab has discovered multiple vulnerabilities in various products developed by Native Instruments. Upon the discoveries, we’ve contacted the vendor to report all the issues. Their technical support, at first, were confused about our e-mail sent to them, thinking that we have troubles using their software. As we explained to them in details in the next e-mail, about QA, about security bulletins, about public disclosure policy, the security industry etc. they finally forwarded the conversation e-mails to the “corresponding” department, which we think that they don’t even have any related team to respond for these kind of incidents. Anywayz, no one shows interest from Native Instruments, thus are informed about the date of public disclosure (this post).

We haven’t tested all the software packages that NI offers, but we think that the rest of the apps are vulnerable to the similar vulns that we found, maybe more.

Here are the advisories:

Native Instruments Service Center 2.2.5 Local Privilege Escalation VulnerabilityZSL-2010-4981
Native Instruments Massive 1.1.4 KSD File Handling Use-After-Free VulnerabilityZSL-2010-4980
Native Instruments Kontakt 4 Player NKI File Syntactic Analysis Buffer Overflow PoCZSL-2010-4979
Native Instruments Reaktor 5 Player v5.5.1 Heap Memory Corruption VulnerabilityZSL-2010-4978
Native Instruments Traktor Pro 1.2.6 Stack-based Buffer Overflow VulnerabilityZSL-2010-4977
Native Instruments Kontakt 4 Player v4.1.3 Insecure Library Loading VulnerabilityZSL-2010-4976
Native Instruments Service Center 2.2.5 Insecure Library Loading VulnerabilityZSL-2010-4975
Native Instruments Reaktor 5 Player v5.5.1 Insecure Library Loading VulnerabilityZSL-2010-4974
Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Player v4.1.1 Insecure Library Loading VulnerabilityZSL-2010-4973

Some SSs:

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