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MySource Matrix 3.28.3 (height) Remote Reflected XSS Vulnerability


Squiz Pty Ltd. –


MySource Matrix is a powerful Open Source Content Management System
(CMS) written in PHP and is suitable for many types of organisations.


Input passed via the “height” parameter to char_map.php is not properly
sanitised before being returned to the user. This can be exploited to execute
arbitrary HTML and script code in a user’s browser session in context of an
affected site.

Tested on:

MS WinXP Pro SP3 (EN)
PHP 5.3.0
MySQL 5.1.36
Apache 2.2.11 (Win32)

Version affected:


Vulnerable lines:

182: // <?php echo $_REQUEST[‘width’];?>;
183: // <?php echo $_REQUEST[‘height’];?>;


Existing users can remove the two commented out lines from:
/path/to/matrix/fudge/wysiwyg/plugins/special_chars/char_map.php (lines 182 and 183)

Vendor status:

[05.09.2010] Vulnerability discovered.
[06.09.2010] Vendor contacted.
[06.09.2010] Vendor replied asking details.
[06.09.2010] Sent analysis report to vendor.
[06.09.2010] Vendor verifies vulnerability.
[06.09.2010] Vendor releases fix versions 3.26.8 and 3.28.4.
[06.09.2010] Public advisory released.