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phpList 2.10.17 Remote SQL Injection and XSS Vulnerability

Input passed via the parameter ‘sortby’ is not properly sanitised before being returned to the user or used in SQL queries. This can be exploited to manipulate SQL queries by injecting arbitrary SQL code. The param ‘num’ is vulnerable to a XSS issue where the attacker can execute arbitrary HTML and script code in a user’s browser session in context of an affected site.

Vendor status:

[05.03.2012] Vulnerabilities discovered.
[19.03.2012] Submited details to the vendor’s bug tracking system.
[19.03.2012] Vendor investigates, confirms and fixes the issues.
[19.03.2012] Sent patch release coordination to the vendor.
[21.03.2012] Vendor releases version 2.10.18 to address these issues.
[21.03.2012] Coordinated public security advisory released.

Advisory ID: ZSL-2012-5081
Advisory URL:

Vendor Advisory: